JWV National Organizations

Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America - www.JWV.org
National Museum of American Jewish Military History - www.nmajmh.org
JWV Women’s Auxiliary - www.jwva.org

JWV Regional Organization
Jewish War Veterans Department of Midwest (Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa)
Commander - Dr. Monroe M. Ginsburg, COL, USA, Retired

JWV St. Louis Area Organizations
St. Louis Jewish War Veterans Memorial Center
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President - Leslie N. Birenbaum, MSgt, USMC, Retired
Vice President- Jack Lite
Mailing address:
Jewish War Veterans Memorial Center
12 Millstone Campus Dr
St. Louis, MO 63146

The St. Louis Jewish War Veterans Memorial Center maintains the Jewish War Veterans museum in the Federation Building on the Millstone Campus. Numerous artifacts and photos of local and national Jewish veterans are contained in the museum.
The museum also houses the Jewish Veteran Wall of Honor to recognize the service of many of our local Jewish Veterans.

Jewish Relationships Committee of the Scout's Greater St. Louis Area Council - https://stlbsa.org/jewish-scouting/

The Kaufman Fund -                                                                                                                                www. thekaufmanfund.org
President- Wayne Kaufman
American Jewish Military Organizations
Aleph Institute - aleph-institute.org/wp/programs/military-program/
Jewish Chaplains Council -https://jcca.org/what-we-do/jwb/
Jews in Green - http://www.jewsingreen.org/
GI Jew -  http://gijew.com/
Jewish Sailors - http://jewishsailors.com/
Kosher Troops - https://koshertroops.com/jews-in-green/
American National Veterans Organizations
Veterans Administration, Washington, DC - http://www.va.gov/
American Legion -http://www.Legion.org/ 
AmVets - http://www.AVets.org/ 
Disabled American Veterans -  http://www.dav.org/ 
Korean War Veterans Association - https://kwva.us/
Paralyzed Veterans of America -  http://www.pva.org/ 
Veterans of Foreign Wars - http://www.VFW.org/ 
Vietnam Veterans of America - http://www.VVA.org/